Drina Daisy - Bosnian Food in Astoria

We decided to try a new adventure that opened up in Astoria. Bosnian 'home style' food.

Upon entering the very nicely spruced up building space... you are greetly warmly with a friendly staff and a large rotisserie with a full lamb roasting away. (mid week they serve chicken)

Even though we had planned on lamb for Easter dinner the next day... of course that would be the first choice of menu items.

Our appetizer was a dried sausage and cheese plate. The center had a yogurt, cucumber and tomato mixture. (think Turkish influences)

The beer and wine was direct from Bosnia... and quite nice. They also serve vodka straight up.

Brett ordered the lamb which came with a fresh spring salad and roasted sweet red peppers. I had the Sarma (stuffed cabbage). It had sour cream and a red pepper paste that was very sweet and delicious.

The bread was baked fresh (something restaurants around here do not have).

The tables were set with white tablecloths... however the paper napkins and small utensils could have been better. But I know investing in those items takes time. I would rather see the money put into the rotisserie. This restaurant is only 3 weeks old and they mentioned that the menu is unique to the locals and that they have had to add vegetarian options.
The meal ended with an amazing coffee- Bosnian style. A turkish coffee with a cube of sugar in the small cup. You use the really nice mineral water in the little goblet to cleanse your palate and between sips I enjoyed the home made Baklava.