Lincoln Day Dinner

Annual Republican Lincoln Day Dinner Held in South Bend

On Saturday, Pacific County Republicans gathered in South Bend for their annual Lincoln Day Dinner, where they heard from seven candidates seeking office. Bob Ryan, Pacific County Chair was the master of ceremonies to the crowd of 140. Ryan Harriman who is seeking County Commissioner #3 position gave an energetic speech outlining his platform. He was followed by Daniel Williams who is running against Brian Baird and five judicial candidates; Brent Boger and Joel Penoyar for Court of Appeals, Mike Sullivan and Mike Turner for Pacific County Superior Court Judge and Senator Steve Johnson (R-Kent) for State Supreme Court.

Long time South Bend community leader Vince Shaudys was given the Reagan Award for his lifetime of commitment to Republican causes, and Seaview resident Nan Malin was awarded the Republican of the Year honor.

Mike McGavick, candidate for US Senate closed the evening with a well-received down to earth speech. The audience chuckled when Mike said that he has been to many of these functions, but it was the first time he heard a prayer for “gumption” referring to Kendall From’s invocation. He confirmed how his conviction to three core principles (strong national defense, family values, capitalism and free markets) guides his decision making on policy issues, and outlined what his experience will bring to the Senate. He stressed the importance of protecting the environment without sacrificing jobs.