"First away the robot achieved a perfect score of 400 in it's morning run, (one of two...nationwide to date) which made the rest of the day a bit more relaxed. (The best of two runs count as 1/3 of the overall score.) The Research Project Presentation and Teamwork count for the other 2/3rds.

The mid-day research project presentation skit was preformed with no lines forgotten. Saren was a dying crab and her gasps for air was very cute.The afternoon second run scored 325...still above average.

After the second run, the kids returned to waiting/pit area, pulled out the robot and tools and opened themselves and the robot up for all the other teams to come and ask questions. Not something usually done by any team nor was it anything the coaches had known they were doing or were going to do. Several teams came over to see and chat about the "bot" that scored 400. "