December 1

Today is the day to start decorating for Christmas! It is also a day of sadness... since it is the anniversary of my mother's passing... in 1964. Then 3 weeks later... we were flooded out of our home. The people in New Orleans have it pretty easy compared to what my father went thru. AND he didn't ask for or receive FEMA money either!!

So... to bring joy and happiness on this anniversary...I always start to decorate and prepare for Christmas.

This year... Madison, Aura and Paris will be home! I can't wait!! So much to do...I have list upon list of tasks, shopping, wishes, meals and activities.

Madison arrives on Sunday, Dec 4 (not sure what time)... he will be dividing his time between Seaview and Seattle for the month. Paris has finals soon and then flies to Portland airport (PDX) on Dec. 14, about 11pm. Aura arrives from Morocco (at PDX) 24 hours later on Dec. 15th.