Lewis and Clark Wild Game Dinner at The Depot

The weekend's activities were kicked off with a Wild Game Dinner... matched by wines from Jefferson Vineyards. The vines are on the actual Monticello property. (but replanted)

Chef Michael prepared a stunning meal and the restaurant was booked to capacity.

We shared a table with a couple from Renton. They have a passion for all things Lewis and Clark. They even teach the merit badge for the Boy Scouts on the history of Lewis and Clark.

Our evening was made complete with their discussion of factoids about the expedition. What more could we ask for? An author?... well Nancy's (Depot owner) friend, Claire Murphy, has written a children's book on Sacajawea and York. She presented even more information about the "journey West with Lewis and Clark" between courses.

We met new friends, saw old friends and enjoyed the food, wine, conversation and historical perspective.

Brett ordered the Venison Tenderloin and I had the Pheasant. (of course we shared)

Here is the menu.