Goats in the Hood!

Seaview is a sleepy little Victorian beach community.  It really only comes alive June to mid September.  We have old family beach homes, little shacks, B&Bs, historic homes, fine restaurants, art galleries, antique shops and a funky Lodge built in 1892.

The neighboring Sou'Wester Lodge sold last week.  I will write more on this event later, but today is about Goats.  Yes, Goats in the neighborHOOD.

What a sight it must have been - a dozen goats on ropes walking back from visiting the Pacific Ocean.  My phone started ringing!  It turns out the neighboring Lodge has some visitors - of the furry kind.  Goats!

One of the little recycling station has gotten a bit run down.  But it makes a perfect manger.

 One week old babies!

Later that night, we heard bleating... and my visiting grandpuppy had to check out the action.  The goats were jumping out of the manger!  It was a site as we ran around gathering them up and looking for their owner.  I didn't get a photo of that fun action. Sorry. Take my word for it - Goats can JUMP!

Last night we heard the unfamiliar sound of goats.  Kind of fun actually. Ask me tomorrow how I feel about it then. I was up at 5am with birds screeching - either at the goats or the heron who is stalking our koi pond.

Today the goats got to enjoy a little enclosed pen with fallen trees filled with yummy moss, lichens, twigs and leaves. Hey wait! I wonder what the deer are going to think about the goats eating their tasty treats?  At least you can hug goats.  The deer only get close to our cat.