This is the proper way to watch a Presidential Primary Debate

Yikes! How did we ever get so many debates on the calendar?! Here is the list.  (seriously, over 25 of them!)

Brett and I were in Bellevue this past week.  (sidenote:  I try to keep politics out of this blog - so go follow me on twitter @Nansen to keep up with the whole enchilada.)

(2nd sidenote:  We were there for a dinner with a certain political strategist - last part ends with 'meister' if you know what I mean)

Anyway, we stumbled upon the BEST method of viewing.  TV, ipad, iphone and Cosmo + assorted yummy appetizers.  WE COULDN'T HEAR A THING!  It was perfect!  I caught the tweetstream and imagined that the candidates actually said something of value.

Looking at the calendar - I can see we have a few more 'happy hours' to go this election cycle!