Some needed inspiration from a Lettered Cottage.

I'm receiving tweets and emails... people wondering what happened to my daily blog posts on my personal - Seaview Blog.  
This could be our living/dining area.

I got so busy with political blogs, elections and then my daughter's wedding, the holidays.... and now my new job!  It was difficult to get motivated to post. I was exhausted.

Not to mention... I keep planning to.. and while well-intentioned... I want to revamp my blog.  I have goals to redesign and add lucious photos, video and more interactive elements. 

I kept waiting and holding off... until the perfect time to give things a fresh new beginning.

Sounds like a diet, doesn't it?


So I got stuck.  Waiting for things to be perfect.  I was paralyzed.  I stopped posting.

A few months ago, I received a kick in the (you know what).. by discovering a lovely blog-

Mmmm, I think I see our Master Bedroom looking like this!

I am refreshed!  Time to get back in action.
Time to start more home projects.
Start that diet, post daily on my personal blog.
Refresh my soul by creating the home of my dreams.  Take walks daily.  Post pictures of our beach community.  Breathe deep and laugh every day.  Use technology to the fullest and welcome my blog readers into our life in Seaview WA.

Perfect idea for the attic/dormer.

I want shelves like this in our pink room. 
(note: all pink has been long removed- but we still call it the pink room)
All photos from here.