The Morning After

We all love the fireworks, the bonfires, the family times. But what happens when tens of thousands of people descend on the beach for 20 miles?

Everyone loves the beach. But not everyone cares FOR the beach. They build huge raging fires and throw all sorts of debris into the heat. They leave everything from sofas to broken glass on the sand - thinking it will just wash away.

The next morning- tons and tons of spent firework parts, beer bottles, cans, metal, plastics, rope, clothes, furniture and other crazy non- bio-degradable foreign objects are left.

Shelly Pollock and the volunteer Grassroots Garbage Gang- get up early and pick up the yucky trash. It is hard work. It is disgusting work. Fires are still burning... and those are usually the fires with broken glass, melted hot wire, and cut up beer cans. It can be dangerous. It is also very rewarding.