Grass Roots Garbage Gang

People who attended the Inauguration didn't get the 'pack it in- pack it out' memo. Over 130 tons of trash was left on the Capital grounds. That is just terrible.

I understand the trash cans were not available due to security concerns.... but gee... aren't these the same people who enjoy our great outdoors? Take care of your waste products people!

Speaking of outdoors.... trash on the beach is a problem. Not just what is left by the tourist or beach walker... but what is dumped in the Ocean and finds it way ashore.

The Grass Roots Garbage gang tackles this trashy problem 6 times a year with volunteers who scour the beach and remove the debris. HERE is the link for more information- It makes you feel pretty good- picking up that bad trash- so come on down and help out. The next date is Saturday, January 31.