Twittering the time away

Some of my faithful blog readers and friends are probably wondering about the increased and increasingly strange messages on the left here (tweet tweet).

Last weekend- author and political strategist/pundit, Michael Patrick Leahy, created a list of Top Conservatives who use twitter. I was on the list! This list has grown into a movement- you can view the updated info and list here at

Even before this all started to blow the roof off my time- Aura was giggling one day- after watching Greys Anatomy- because the character had inherited her mother's journals and was reading them. Aura said- 'All I am ever going to get is a bunch of tweets.'

This new attention is giving me pause to consider starting a new blog that focuses on more political- and keeping this blog as 'Beach Lifestyle'. '' was started as a way for me to communicate with my children -all of whom lived far away. Brett and I had moved full time to our Historic Victorian Beach home- and were working on restoring the buildings and property. Aura-in the Peace Corps (Morocco) did not have the ability to download photos- (however now rural Morocco has an abundance of dsl) and so the idea of a blog began. My first photos were of the Holiday season in 2004.

Stay tuned for the announcement of my new blog. I may be crossing blog formats and use another blog server for that one. (A way to keep up with everything technical.) But first, yikes- lots of Holiday decorating, MR Data office tasks and various other non-profit activities are begging me to 'step away from tweetdeck'. (a twitter application).... no worries- as I am on the go- I have 'twitterberry'- another twitter application for my blackberry!