'Ocian in View'

This weekend- I need to travel to a convention- so sadly will miss one of my favorite weekends. The 'Ocian in View' programs are held in November every year. This year the programs will focus on who visited or lived at the mouth of the Columbia River before Lewis & Clark arrived 2 hundred years ago.

I am super sad to miss the wild game dinner that Chef Michael- The Depot- holds. boo hoo. But you can check out the menu HERE.
The Chinook Dinner (see my post about First Salmon) and talk by Jim Sayce about the MUD STICKS... are also favorites. However, since I live here.. I can ago to the other museums and heritage centers - a favorite place to bring visitors.

Friday, November 7, 7 pm
"The Finest Canoes:" The Chinook Canoe and its Role in Traditional Culture
Ray Gardner, Chairman, Chinook Indian Tribe
Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum

Friday, November 7
7:30 pm
Lewis & Clark Wild Game Dinner
Depot Restaurant, Seaview

Saturday, November 8
9 am - 12 noon and 1 pm - 4 pm
"Land in View" Bus Tour
Jim Sayce, Washington State Historical Society, Tour Guide

Saturday, November 8, 1 pm-4 pm
November on the North Shore Open House
Knappton Cove Heritage Center

Saturday, November 8, 4 pm-7 pm
Chinook Tribe Seafood Dinner
Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum

Saturday, November 8, 7 pm
Pacific Northwest Naturalist David Douglas
Jack Nisbet, teacher, naturalist, writer
Hilltop Auditorium

Sunday, November 9, 12 noon
Dedication of California Condor Bronze Sculpture
Port of Ilwaco Covered Pavilion

Sunday, November 9, 1 pm
Columbia Condors: Forgotten Giants in the Sky
David Moen, Research Associate, Oregon Zoo
Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum

Sunday, November 9, 10 am - 5 pm
Open House
Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
Cape Disappointment State Park

Sunday, November 9, 3:30 pm
Dedication of 'Ocean in View' Nickel Plaque
Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
Cape Disappointment State Park

(photo credit the last 2 photos from Seattle Times) The others are mine.