Veronica, mushrooms, fancy rubber boots and a new mini-cooper

Earlier this week- I was dashing into Brett's office- and who is there- digging out of the back of a new little black/white Mini Cooper? Veronica Williams... the mushroom expert!

She looked so pretty dressed up in her bridge playing finest. She had already been tromping around in the woods in those swirly rubber boots.

Check out the back end of that car- she has baskets of mushrooms, boots and rain gear. (I have boxes of tarps, ropes, water bottles and other less fancy/interesting gear.

We laughed, checked out her new car- she invited me to bridge. I was sorry to rain check (I don't play!) and we agreed to get together soon.

It was a fun way to start my day. Quite unexpected. (she was delivering mushrooms to The Depot)

{since I didnt have my camera- the blackberry had to do}
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