Creative Kid

While cleaning out some old files.... I found a card that Madison made for my 40th Birthday. It is so funny that I am crying tears - look at the details. (like me on the ground under a big 40 brick) He was 10 yrs old when he made this. I remember 1994. That was a hard year. My birthday was also during the Flower & Garden show set-up... super stressful. hhmm my Garden theme was the Noah's Ark. That was really fun to put together (and stressful- but my idea of fun= stress). If memory serves me- Doug (my brother) and his wife came to help build the ARK. They played scrabble one of the evenings...and had all these 'baby' tiles come up. I was flustered...cause I knew Gail was sensitive about teasing re: the biological clock. I shut my mouth. Finally they blurted out the news that Saren was in the hopper. YEAH! that was fun!

and no wonder Madison makes a living doing big shows/tours. Hey, his handwriting is still the same! I wonder where the photos of that Noah's Ark display garden are.

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