Pihlaja and the fox

A guy from Longview has entered the race for the State Legislative spot. His name is Tim Sutinen. www.timsutinen.com

Tim is the example of what America is all about. He immigrated here 14 yrs ago with only the clothes on his back and a $2K loan. He has a very successful IT business with employees, 8 kids (yikes, he is only 37) and lots of energy and enthusiasm. He has SISU!

Here is the email he sent to me today.

I really like that Pihlaja name.
That is very, very nice.
It reminds me of the beautiful Pihlaja trees full of orange berries in the fall (They don't taste good, though...)

There are even Pihlaja - brand candy in Finland. It's my favorite. It's a jelly candy with a fox on the wrapper. The fox is there because of a saying in Finnish that talks about Pihlaja and a fox.

It goes like this: A fox was trying to get something to eat and came upon a pihlaja tree. He couldn't reach those berries, but really wanted them. In his disappointment he said "They are sour anyways".

So, if you hear a finn say: "sour, said a fox about pihlaja berries" they mean that they really wanted to get something, but couldn't quite manage to get it. (my note- so they justified that they didnt really want that sour thing anyway)