Lewis and Clark head to Station Camp

I woke up sort of tired of all this Lewis & Clark stuff. In fact, I had a dream that someone was trying to sell me a "Lewis and Clark IRA (retirement account)"!! How crazy is that?! It was a politically correct...environmentally friendly investment account.

Needless to say, Brett agreed with me to skip the lecture from the visiting Nebraskan Professor who has republished the definitive journals that Lewis penned.

I headed off to Astoria... running errands and doing the banking. I "thought" about grabbing my camera...but decided against it. So..here I am traveling to about where the church is in McGowan (as seen in The Ring 2)...and BEHOLD... the Corps are about to land at Station Camp. The front dugout with the famed Lewis and Clark guys are out of camera range. But these re-enactors have everything down to the precise moment/people/activity. My cell phone camera makes things look farther away than they actually are. So...let's see.... they camp out there (at the Chinook Indian park grounds)...make a trip up by our house soon (this next week and weekend)... and then have the vote to move to Oregon on Nov. 24th. If you are interested in more detailed descriptions of their time here... check out www.lewisandclarkwa.org and click on the calendar dates for journal entries. Posted by Picasa